Art Connect [Trinidad and Tobago]

17 Sep 2015 by admin in Documentary, Flicks

Art Connect is a feature length documentary that reveals the powerful process of creative intervention in the Success Laventille Secondary School in Trinidad and Tobago.
The film documents the profound impact which creativity has on a group of 7 ‘at risk’ students, aged between 13-17, whom all come from communities that is considered the most marred by violence in Trinidad and Tobago.
Art Connect began as an urban art project, where students were invited to collaborate with visiting artist Wendell McShine. Together they embarked on a series of dynamic community murals in an ongoing visual dialogue on the walls of Laventille.
They are the narrators of this story and the courage we have witnessed through moments of doubt and vulnerability has been amazing. Over the last year we have loaned them Gopro film cameras to document the highs and lows of their lives outside of the school and introduce us to their mentors and communities.
Spanish film Director Miquel Galofre documented the process and was able to capture the genuine transformation of these children.

The Art Connect Project was created by Artist Wendell McShine and is rooted in the philosophy that investment in education, art and humanities is vital for the uplifting and development of any society. This program was created to promote self awareness through the use of educational and dynamic creative workshops.