Defending the Secret Slave State – Suriname

22 Sep 2015 by admin in Documentary, Flicks

November 1998
Deep in the heart of the Surinam forest lives a colony of escaped slaves that for 300 years have claimed a corner of this paradise as their own.

But to the beat of Bob Marley, a battle is afoot. The key power broker in this enclave is Bouterse. He’s a charismatic man but not a perfect statesman. He is wanted on drugs charges in Holland. And now he stands accused of selling-out this Slave freestate. Recently a group representing a logging firm owned by the Suharto family came to inspect the timber here. It should be a perfect development opportunity for the impoverished locals. Yet the opposition MP here is not convinced. Many like their lifestyle the way it is. And logging elsewhere has not advantaged indigenous populations. For the moment the Asian economic turmoil has delayed the project. But the world is closing in and the forest may no longer be the refuge it once was.

Produced by ABC Australia
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures