Jamaican Model becomes part of the Calvin Klein Exclusive Tour-Andre Doyley

29 Jun 2015 by admin in Fashion, Life Style

SO sits down with Saint International/Y NOT model Andre Doyley, who stepped into the annals of fashion history Sunday last when he walked the runway exclusively for Calvin Klein in Milan, Italy.

If we’re picking our jaws up off the floor, feel no way, Saint CEO Deiwght Peters is still pinching himself. “To be able to sit in Jamaica and book a model for one of the world’s most important fashion brands is a career high point,” he assured. It’s no idle boast!

For 22-year-old, 6′ 1″ Doyley it’s the high point of a journey that commenced in 2011, when he placed third in FashionFace of the Caribbean. “I was actually recruited at my school, The Mannings High in Westmoreland (by Peters),” he informed. “I was initially very reluctant to even attend the model search due to the perception of male models in the industry. Encouraged by my mother, however, I attended, was selected, and spent the next couple of weeks commuting between Sav and Kingston ahead of the competition.”

Doyley, as a result of being placed third, shifted his focus from the international stage to studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona and a major in physical therapy. His daily runway route: Chancellor Hall to lectures and tutorials. “I still kept in touch with Deiwght Peters… I’d check in from time to time,” he said.

Checking in periodically reaped benefits three years later when an urgent call came from Peters to get to the Courtleigh Hotel & Suites ASAP. “I had no idea where this hotel was but hailed a cab and, long story short, soon found myself taking photos for an agency in New York,” Doyley recalled.

Peters was secretive about whom the request came from because he himself was – incredible as it might sound – at a loss for words. “The negotiations with Calvin Klein,” he explained, “began almost a month after he (Andre) was discovered by the team on the website. He was flown to New York to meet the design and production teams and was confirmed within an hour for the world exclusive.”

If Peters was guarded, his protégé Doyley was speechless. “I had no idea of the magnitude… Peters told me to go get it and I guess I delivered. I had no money and Deiwight, in the middle of planning for Styleweek, had US$50 to his name which he gave me with a warning not to “waste my money”.

Doyley returned to Jamaica ostensibly to ready himself for the biggest test of his life. “It was now or never! I was exhausted when I got to Milan … I had never done a transatlantic flight before.” His limo driver picked him up and he headed directly to fittings. “Everything fit [thankfully]. I had been warned by Deiwght to take care of my body as the photos and my measurements were sent in April. Fittings, styling and runway rehearsals went on for hours… it was back to the hotel for a few hours ahead of call time for the show.

I was fortunate in that I was given two outfits. All I had to do was stay in the middle of the runway.”

The rest, as the front page of the Jamaica Observer declared on Monday, June 22, is: Saint International male models create history at Milan Fashion Week.

“For one to appreciate the magnitude of this achievement,” explained Peters, “a quick navigation of the Calvin Klein profile on the web will yield the valid perspectives. For any new model, a Calvin Klein exclusive booking (meaning, they only walk for that brand) during the show season in a specified market) is considered the Golden Ticket to superstardom. The fact that this power brand would choose to lock our model in from walking for anyone else speaks to the value proposition. It’s enough to send the international floodgates open for top clients to come clamouring.”

It’s wishful thinking and something that Doyley craves, too, but his priority right now is getting on the Knutsford Express to Savanna-la-Mar where his mother, Ingrid Berthfield, a former teacher of Elite Preparatory School, is terminally ill. Said he: “She’s not always able to recognise me, but I want to tell her about my success… I know she’ll be proud.”

We reckon she’ll be, too.