The Marriott Hotel Guyana(The Worst Marriott Ever)

21 Apr 2015 by admin in News, World

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If there was a prize for the worst Marriott Hotel in the world, with the worst beach in the world…this would get it. Join Real Guyana on an undercover tour of the new Marriott Hotel Guyana so you can see what the $12billion dollars ($12,000,000,000) stolen from taxpayers by the Bharrat Jagdeo, PPP/C government has done for us. This government like to claim credit for this project with tightly cropped pictures showing us the pretty side so please don’t read this as an attack, we give credit where credit is due. If you are one of the people fooled into believing the hotel was complete then have a look at this. Consider this the ultimate visual guide to the type of relentless corruption Guyanese continue to endure. Take a tour of the first Marriott on the continent built with imported Chinese slave labour as locals were passed over for jobs on the construction site. See for yourself footage of sewage trucks dumping the nations excrement directly into the sea only a few hundred feet away from the beach. Take a tour of a section of the building painted as if it were complete but blocked off from view and hollow inside. See the bond where your tax dollars have been converted into flat screen TVs and luxury goods. Hear from the few Guyanese workers now on site to help clean up the garbage about their experiences then take a look around the grounds and inside the building with me as we collectively scream OMG at the incompetence, the two hundred pounds of garbage on the beach, the stray dog roaming the grounds and some secret documents you can interpret for us if you speak Chinese. Real Guyana will never tell you who to vote for but I will say this, don’t vote for something like this. Something so corrupt even our unborn children will be saddled with the debt being racked up now.
This is not a five star hotel and it hardly makes the grade for a 3 once you factor in the state of the beach and general environment.
“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.” Over to you… Welcome to Guyana.