The World’s Strictest Parents – Jamaica

25 Mar 2015 by admin in Documentary, Flicks

Ten unruly British teenagers are sent to live with strict families in five different countries in an experiment to find out the right way to bring up a child.

Sam North, 17, from Brighton, and 16-year-old Charlotte Hart from Essex go to Jamaica to live for a week under the Christian regime of the Roses. Mum Sharon is in charge, but Sam refuses to go to church and humiliates her. He’s sent to bed early and Charlotte is homesick and in floods of tears. At school Charlotte writes a terrible piece of work but Sam decides to knuckle down. The school call Sharon in to discuss Charlotte. Humiliated again she’s devastated. Sharon tries to get under angry Sam’s skin and Charlotte’s in tears again.

At the weekend it’s down to the family farm to toil the soil. The teens realise how little they do at home, and both their attitudes begin to change. Letters from home bring out the tears, as Sam opens up about his troubled background and Charlotte realises how much she takes her mum for granted. The Roses throw a party and heap praise on the teens, hoping they’ll change when they return to the UK.